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a Yorick-based adaptive optics system simulatorYao is a monte-carlo simulation package for adaptive optics. It can be used stand-alone through a GTK-based integrated graphical user interface or as a Yorick language extension. Yao features: * Shack-Hartmann and Curvature WFS, on or off axis; * support for Stackarray (piezostack), curvature (bimorph), modal (zernike) and Tip-Tilt deformable mirrors. The altitude of conjugation is adjustable; * arbitrary number of WFSs and DMs, with the possibility of mixing types. It is therefore possible (and easy) to simulate single DM systems, as well as single non-zero conjugate, GLAO and MCAO systems; * support for Natural and Laser Guide Stars (or a mix), WFS with photon and read-out noise; * multi-layered atmospheric model with geometrical propagation only; * speed-optimized loop: critical routines have been coded in C.
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